Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hand. Made. Pfoff.

Above, asymmetrical "croquet" in heather grey with red detailing ( the red is actually the same as below but appears pink in the picture) and leather buttons.

Pictured above: "vlad" in cream, "jackie" in red, and "vlad" in heather grey

Fashion. Warmth. Soft 100% Italian merino wool spun into unique custom made hand warmers... meet my new line of knits. Soon there will be a website and more... In the meantime, if your upper limbs deserve adornment, please write me at: pfoff.knits@gmail.com to order.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cigars and Sebastien Tellier

For this poster, I was very much aware of Sebastien Tellier's aesthetic of campy sexuality. In fact, his latest record is entitled "Sexuality" which I hear in my head with a thick French accent. After I cleared my mind of all the cliches (playgirls, bond girls, lips, bunnies), I decided I wanted to represent manliness as my interpretation of sexuality. I had vision of cigars and brown tweeds. This is the final product after much experimentation.

Below is one of the studies I was doing during the brainstorming period. I became very attached to the tweed lettering but had to leave it on the cutting room floor (for this project at least). I was, however, struck by how when I transferred the tweed "Sebastien" onto the background image, the text was far bigger and it landed in such a way that there was this giant "B.A." front and center... a happy little accident that made me chuckle.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Above is a hang tag design for a knitwear line.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You who may not know, as I didn't, Yelle is a French electronic pop band with a cute singer who is quite fashionable and out there. Many of her outfits contain the entire rainbow with additional flourescent splashes and perhaps a Mickey Mouse or smiley face applique. For that reason, I was inspired to add a muted piece to broaden the arsenal. I wanted the band name to stand out so I made it the only part that's in color and modern looking. For the rest, I hoped it would look like a very old faded photo...

Twilight Sleep Rorschach Test

This caused quite a stir in my band but we won't get into that. Suffice it to say Twilight Sleep is all me now and I'm so happy. This image was intended to be a sort of country seal/rorschach blot/stamp to use for our digital release on itunes that I could also use as a rubber stamp.

Twilight Sleep Fliers

These two fliers were done around the same time and seem to go together to me. There are the aforementioned swans as well as a pair of lips that were projected on a wall at the Magnet Club in Berlin. I love the way if you look closely, the lips have stickers and graffiti all over them from the filthy club wall. The flier above is clearly a peacock though a band member told me it looked like a turkey. Regardless, I liked the shape of it upside down cutting through the black and if it were a turkey, it would be a damn good looking one!